Seamless and End to End Production


At, Jay Precision, we have an injection moulding facility that boasts the best available machines; with over 150 injection moulding machines ranging from 40 to 450 tonnes and incorporates moulding technologies for 2K moulding, coining technology (for thick-walled components), liquid silicone moulding, and vertical moulding. Centralized conveying systems enable automatic raw materials delivery with no manual intervention.

Our machines are from renowned manufacturers including Arburg, Ferromatik, Engle, JSW, and Negri Bossi.All machines are interfaced with robots for automatic ejection of parts and runner regrinding. Additionally, every unit has a well-trained, technical team to ensure efficient and precise production. A strong Quality Assurance team is appointed to keep a strict check during every stage of production. We maintain “Good Manufacturing Practices” and provide a holistic service to all clients.

Our Capabilities

Integrated Innovation for Excellence


Achieving optimal results without compromising on affordability.

Highly scalable

Expanding capabilities to accommodate growing project demands.

Competitive pricing

Offering exceptional value through market-leading rates.

Fast turnaround

Delivering efficient solutions that respect your deadlines.

Bespoke assembly & automation

Tailoring processes to meet unique production requirements.

Adaptive workforce

Ability to move resources quickly depending on demand


Electronic and Non-Electronic Toys

We are a strategic manufacturing OEM for toy manufacturing multi nationals such as Hasbro, Ferrero, Hornby, etc. We develop and produce a range of sophisticated products for them which include complex electronics and high-quality deco. Our ability to produce such products at the scales required enable us to be competitive and aggressive in our pricing.

Medical Devices

Our facilities are cleanroom equipped for production of all medical devices. We produce a wide range of devices for local markets and exports. These products include surgical staplers, vaginal speculums, devices for Asthma and COPD etc. Having over 30 years of experience in medical device manufacturing, we have set high standards for product quality and process monitoring. Our world class infrastructure and skilled personnel enable us to satisfy all customer requirements.

LED Lighting

Our brand of domestic LED lights encompasses a range of indoor and outdoor products up to 450 watts. All products are qualified to produce a high lumen output, handle unstable input power conditions and maintain a competitive pricing.