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R&D and Innovation

Research and Development is an internalised function at Jay Precision and the infrastructure supports state-of-the-art facilities and the necessary human expertise. The team conducts extensive experimentation, testing, and prototyping by carrying out comprehensive research and development for a wide range of industrial and consumer products. Our team of engineers is dedicated to refining designs and optimising performance while maintaining the highest level of intellectual property protection, fostering a collaborative environment that ensures breakthrough results.

Our Capabilities


Oxypoint Flowmeter

Jay Precision was tasked with the re-engineering of the oxygen flowmeter so manufacturing could be scaled. This device functions in a mechanical manner and the complexity in development came down to the CAD redesign, dimensional changes, critical tolerances and so on. Today the device is being produced at a scale of 10,000 units annually with dedicated teams managing testing, assembly, performance and packaging.

BAI (Breath Actuated Inhaler)

Developed by Jay Precision, the BAI enables auto actuation of the aerosol dose when a patient inhales into the device. This eliminates the close coordination of “press and breathe” for patients suffering an asthma attack, elderly patients, and children. This device has an inbuilt dose counter and the mechanical assembly of its 22 precision micro components enables the device to trigger at flow rates as low as 20 lpm.

Surgical stapler

The surgical stapler is a complex assembly comprising of sheet-metal and plastic components. The staple pins are wire form elements made from implant grade stainless steel and preformed to fit into the cartridge. The device will undergo ETO sterilization before being used in surgery.