Our Brands

Fundle is dedicated to creating high-quality toys that bring joy and entertainment to children of all ages. The team at Fundle is passionate about innovation and engaging the children while creating toys that meet the highest safety and durability standards all the while improving the play experience for the children. Our dedication is to create toys that help children grow and develop. This is achieved by creating toys that are fun while being educational and safe. The team at Fundle is made up of talented designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts who collaborate and work together to bring new and exciting toys to the market. The toys at Fundle include complex electronics with radio-controlled, music, and infrared features. We also produce STEM toys, diecast models, bubble blasters, and many more fascinating products.

With Xenin Lighting, the aim is to replicate the same quality and standard in the field of LED lighting. The commitment to quality, cutting-edge technology and competitive pricing are values which remain unchanged as we continue to support the Make-In-India initiative. We strive towards making Xenin LED the new face of quality and consumer-oriented LED lighting solutions with a wide range of products. LED lights are crucial in controlling energy consumption and the versatility it ensures lead to endless applications in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

Our goal is to provide customers with reliable, modern and affordable products. The LED lights are designed to perfection, manufactured in-house within state-of-the-art facilities and tested to the limit before the release. The lights are aesthetically pleasing, robust and priced to cater for the market. In the last two years, we have expanded the distribution of products in over 10 states at the pan-India level, and currently distribute lights in over 5000 retail outlets across the country. The brand has managed to sustain the tough competitive market due to the team of seasoned professional sales executives who have a stronghold in the industry.